If the provided information below does not answer your question, please contact Angela at hello@thehscenglishworkshop.com


1.  Do you offer private or group lessons?

Both! However there are limited spaces for private lessons and paired lessons are highly encouraged. We recommend that you pair up with a friend from school so that our lesson time can be used effectively when you have school assessments. Please see our page on COURSES for further information on lesson formats. 

2. Do you teach all year groups?

We mainly focus on mentoring and tutoring Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students in preparation for the HSC Examination. If you are in Year 7-8 please contact us to check if there are spots available. In the past we have had students on a waiting list so please get in touch as soon as possible as you may be offered a place in Term 4 or in the year after your enquiry.


3. Who will teach my lessons?

We have a small team of highly trained specialists. Your mentor is a current NSW teacher or has experience teaching in NSW schools. Your mentor has been taught about best teaching practices and facilitates content that has been written by experienced teachers who have written teaching programs at secondary schools. Your mentor is also genuinely interested in your progress, mapping out goals to ensure that you improve your weaknesses and further refine your strengths. Essays and other extended responses are marked by mentors/tutors with examination marking experience. All our tutors work closely together and we work collaboratively to work on personalised learning for your student. 


4. How are the lessons run by The HSC English Workshop different to other private and group tutors?

  • We start with a free 30 minute consultation which involves us getting to know you and through this we begin mapping out a personalised learning program

  • All lessons and units of work selected are personalised to your learning needs. This means that for some lessons you can work on assessment tasks and other lessons you can work in parallel to topics that you are covering at school. You may wish to choose an accelerated learning program where you learn a year ahead of your peers at school.

  • Homework is mandatory and checked

  • We do not mass produce resources and some activities and resources are created purely for you

  • We only mentor around 40-50 students each term. This ensures that you are valued and known to your tutors and that we are able to develop a personal learning program for you.

  • Free access to our 48 hour online marking service - The only rule is that you request feedback at least 3 days in advance to the submission date of your task. Angela (Lead Mentor) marks all extended responses to ensure that there is consistency with marking.

  • All tutors work collaboratively to support you

  • We support you beyond our lesson time by chatting to you via email and marking your work as needed

5. Will I see improvements in my school grades immediately after tutoring?
The most simple answer to this question is, most likely not. It really depends on your strengths and weaknesses. If your written expression is quite strong and you already have a good foundation, yes you might see dramatic and fast improvements as we would mainly be teaching you how to write in a more structured or sophisticated manner. However, if you are struggling with grammar and syntax or if you find it difficult to understand main ideas in challenging texts, it may take you longer to see improvements as we'd be working on various skills. In Australian secondary schools, the study of English can include analysing novels, poetry, films and plays to name a few text types. You will also need to develop and consolidate your ability to write various texts: speeches, essays, multimodal presentations, creatives and discursive to name a few. This takes more than a few weeks to learn and consolidate. 


6. How much does tuition cost?

Please see our page on fees for further information on fees and payment structures. Fees are subject to change over time. New students must refer to the current fee structure available on our website. 

7. Have you mentored and taught students from my school before?

 The main schools our current cohort of student attend include: Abbotsleigh Girls, Kings, Baulkham Hills, Cherrybrook Tech, Cheltenham Girls, Hornsby Girls, North Sydney Girls, James Ruse, Normunhurts Boys, Pacific Hills, Arden, Norwest Christian, William Clarke College, MLC, Carlingford High School, Killara High School, Pymble Ladies College, Gosford High School

8. Will you write my essays for me?

The answer is no, most definitely not! We support you to achieve your personal best. We do not do the work for our students as this does not lead to learning and it is unethical. 


9. Where are lessons located?

All lessons are taught in a home studio in Macquarie Park. Our studio is easily accessible via public transport. All you need to do is get off at North Ryde Station and walk 3 minutes walk from the station. There is also a bus stop (545 Bus) that drops you off right in front of our studio. 















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