What are workshops?

Workshops are open classes that students can choose to attend. Each workshop focuses on a set skill.
Each workshop runs for 90 minutes and students are provided with all digital materials for these workshops before and/ after the workshop. For any questions email thehscenglishworkshop@gmail.com


Weekly lessons often do not provide enough time to go through all the content and skills needed. I have been asked by several parents what more can be done to further support student learning. To provide a solution to this issue, I have opened these workshops that students can attend so that students do not have to commit to two lessons a week or extend their lesson time more than they already have. These workshops aim to pack in as much information as possible within the 90 minutes and provide students with opportunities to revise and refine their knowledge and skills. 

Workshops are $40.00 each for new students.

Students who are attending weekly lessons access workshops for $25.00 each.

There are some workshops that are free and others that vary in price so please check the latest social media updates for workshops @thehscenglishworkshop


Upcoming Workshops 2020