The HSC English


HSC English Specialists

Years 9 - 12 English 
We only take on board students who are committed and have a strong work ethic

Receive constructive and 

highly detailed feedback via email within 48 hours

Get your essay marked by experienced exam markers 

Weekly lessons are run by one of two mentors who have extensive secondary highs school teaching and marking experience
Focus on quality and personalised learning with 1 on 1, paired and small group options available

We often have a waiting list as we have a limited amount of students we can take on per term. Please enquire now for your FREE CONSULTATION and secure your place for Term 4 2020 or  2021


English Tuition

Personalised Learning & Mentoring


Carefully crafted personalised learning programs focused on improving your weaknesses

Your mentor will take a holistic approach to your learning by supporting you to develop study skills and modelling responses to essay questions 

Weekly Workshops

If you are enrolled in a group lesson of 3 students and more, there is a weekly writing workshop you can sign up for

This is currently facilitated online

No new content will be covered but you can seek help on school writing tasks and complete self study

Focused on writing skills


Targeted writing tasks with a focus on developing skills needed for the NEW HSC English Modules 

Develop skills in analytical, persuasive, reflective, discursive, creative and imaginative writing

Limited Spaces, More support


In our small group class, you will only be 1 out of 4 students

In terms of our annual cohort, you will only be 1 of 40 students to join our tutoring and mentoring program

We only take on students with a strong work ethic and a willingness to improve

School Assessment Focused



Your mentor will break down your assessment tasks into manageable chunks and help you understand school rubrics

Your mentor will guide you through all stages of the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, editing and publishing



Check out our page on frequently asked questions to find out more about lesson structure, style and location

Alternatively contact us via email as we may not be able to answer your call during teaching hours


Online Marking Service

Email your document to us

Include the essay question, assessment task and marking criteria if applicable. Write a little bit about your reflections on your writing. Is there an area that you want us to focus on when marking?

Receive detailed and constructive feedback within 48 hours of making your payment to us

3 Easy Steps


Our feedback is research-based


Feedback is the most powerful influencer of improvement in student outcomes.

We want to do it right so we've used research-based feedback models to guide our feedback.

Our feedback is timely, clear and focused on areas you can improve. Our feedback is detailed and uses your mistakes to correct any misunderstandings about the rubric, text and grammar. Our feedback is specific to the marking criteria and we help you to establish your next goals. Most importantly our feedback encourages self-reflection.
(Black & William, 2009 &2010; Hattie and Timperlery, 2007)

Our markers are highly experienced

Your work is marked by an experienced examination marker who has read hundreds of extended responses written by students from different schools. This means that the marker knows your text and can give you feedback on your content knowledge as well as your writing style. Marking standards are also based on HSC marking standards.


What our students say 

 "Angela has been an amazing English tutor for my preparation for the HSC in Year 12. Although I started the tutoring service half-way into Year 12, I made a significant progress in English and all tutoring sessions were highly productive and beneficial. Alongside her friendly manner and professional approach, Angela had excellent communication skills and time management to effectually deliver information or feedback and make the most out of all lessons. Most of all, Angela was very efficient in targeting my specific needs, as she immediately took notice of my weaknesses and provided assistance in improving on areas that I found most difficult. In terms of the help and support I received, she examined all of my writings for both positive and constructive feedback, whilst providing extra materials to enhance the quality of my writing and expand my knowledge. Overall, Angela played a major role in significantly raising my English marks and rank, and my confidence in English also increased dramatically. As I reflect on Angela’s guidance and immense contribution to my improvement in English, I really wish that I had contacted her a lot earlier. I highly appreciate Angela’s hard work and dedication she put into each and every tutoring session, and I would love to recommend her tutoring service to anyone who wishes to receive an effective and personalised guidance to improve their English skills."

Olivia, Hornsby Girls High School

 English Advanced

"I have been learning with Angela since the start of Year 11 and she has helped me really improve my English skills. She could accurately pinpoint my weaknesses and these were improved throughout the two years. She also helped with short answer responses and essay writing which are important skills for the HSC."


Andrew, Cherrybrook Technology High School

 English Advanced


Halifax Street
Macquarie Park, 2113


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