Hello, it's Angela here. To introduce myself, I am the Lead Mentor at thehscenglishworkshop and I'd like to share my story. Upon graduating high school I completed a Bachelor of Arts and Secondary Education degree at The University of New South Wales. I completed a Honors thesis whilst working as a secondary school English Teacher full time. My research was on literacy mentorship, teaching language and literacy in the mainstream classroom, and the experience of beginning teachers as literacy educators, all of which has built the fundamentals of thehscenglishworkshop.

Since 2011, I have tutored numerous students of all level abilities. Most students come to me in Year 10-12 to receive support in developing the key knowledge and skills needed for success in the HSC English Examination. Alongside this, I have 6 years of teaching experience working in Australian High Schools. My engagement as a NSW senior examination marker for three years enables me to identify strengths and weaknesses of student writing in relation to the expectations of NSW Marking standards. Training as a NAPLAN marker also has developed my understanding of marking in relation to national standards. 
Pursuing my passion for teacher training, I am currently a Lecturer and Tutor at The University of New South Wales.  

My focus is on supporting individual students to achieve their personal best through scaffolding, explicit teaching and, timely and effective feed-forward (not just feedback). My focus is on ultimately supporting you to achieve the results you want. Having said this, my top students are the ones that have strong work ethic and actively seek feedback and support.

Hello! My name is Young and this is my story. I am an English and English as an Additional Language or Dialect teacher (EAL/D). I completed my B.Arts/ B.Education at UNSW and upon graduation, I was identified as a targeted graduate and started working as a high school teacher. I have extensive experience working as a Secondary English and EAL/D teacher which means I have detailed knowledge of the NSW English syllabus. It has changed over the years and the resources I have created for Years 7-12 students have all been based on the NEW English Syllabus.

In my role as an English and EAL/D teacher, I have worked with a variety of students of differing abilities in both the classroom and in one- on-one settings. I have tutored students in the private setting for a number of years. In addition, having been a marker for the Senior Examination in NSW enables me to apply the same standards for my students.

My focus is for students to continuously grow and develop. I am a generally kind and patient tutor and I will support my students through clear guidance and explicit feedback. My experience has shown me that those who have strong work ethics will ultimately achieve their desired outcome.